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NAA .22LR Mini-Revolver Leatherman Holster

Holster with new loop Open Holster and NAA .22 LR Revolver NAA .22LR Revolver in Leatherman Holster Leatherman Holster Side View Leatherman Holster Front View

Pack Rat Fever
I am a pack-rat. I have a rule I live by that states,”if I can’t make a ‘thing,’ I don’t throw it away.” So long after I wore out a Leatherman  multi-tool I received as a Christmas present several years ago, the pouch it came with sat in a box awaiting it’s next useful purpose.

That new purpose came as a result of my purchasing a new NAA .22 Long Rifle Mini-Revolver to use with my CCW. When I purchased this little pistol, I also purchased the Belt Buckle with Aluminum Grips (discontinued) for regular use, but when at home, in the yard or out-of-doors, it’s a little bulky for the purpose of carrying this little snake shooter.

Forgotten Treasures
I looked online for a holster option and found a plethora of options…from the mundane to the exotic…and the pricing was everywhere. Knowing I just needed something simple I headed toward my box of forgotten treasures and rediscovered my old Leatherman Pouch.

The size was almost perfect (even for the added with of the aluminum grips) and the padded nylon construction was just the right amount of protection. I made a few minor modifications namely, I split and resewed the top-right side of the pouch to allow the hammer to enter into the pouch freely and I added a nylon loop (shoestring) to lock the hammer down when holstered…and wallah a new conceal carry holster was born. Have a look at the pix and enjoy.

BTW – What home made holsters have YOU come up with?

Legal stuff
I assume no responsibility for events that may occur if you try to do this at home. As a friendly point of caution, always unload any weapon prior to an exercise of this nature. In my home state of NC, you will need a CCW permit to carry a weapon in this fashion. If you don’t have one, I strongly urge you to get your CCW permit. Be legal, be educated, be responsible and be safe.

Leatherman is © Copyright 2011 Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. I am in no way affiliated with Leatherman Tool Group and they do not endorse this use of their product.

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